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Landscape Design

Silver Spring Landscapers

Martin Lawn and Landscaping will create a landscape design you will love for years!   We carefully consider elements such as drainage and erosion to ensure each design will thrive.  Quantity of sunlight, poaching deer visits, drainage and shade all play a part of the sustainability of a beautiful and functional landscape.  We design gardens that work with nature and fully consider future ease of maintenance.

Do you have a NW DC or Capitol Hill tight-space?  Or do you have a more spread-out Chevy Chase, or Bethesda-sized yard?   Our creative designer works with all types of urban limitations: no space is too tight!  We work with all size properties and budgets to achieve a natural looking beauty that lasts for four seasons and years to come.

Design Process

  • Free consultation with our designer to assess your current environment and exchange ideas on choices and layout.
  • Sketch a comprehensive design based on your preferences and needs.  (Design Fee negotiated)
  • We work with you until you are 100% satisfied with the proposal.
  • Design and installation estimate is agreed upon.  Contract signed.
  • Deposit rendered.  Installation is scheduled to bring your landscape dream to life!

Seasonal Color Programs: From Azaleas to Zinnias!

From annual and perennial plantings to shrubs and trees of all kinds, we work with you to find the best fit for four season landscaping.  When perennials wake up from their wintry naps, containers and gardens spring to life with vibrant hues.  Spring begins with intense colors of hellebores (lenten rose), daffodils and tulips.  If you live near the Park, we plant peony and creeping phlox and the deer will steer clear!  Closer to summer, we add plant material like petunias, tulips, begonias, impatiens and marigolds.   Last, but not least, you need some Fall color from pansies and chrysanthemums, the November birth flower.  (did you know?) Maybe some Nandina shrubs for winter interest and some azaleas and rhododendrons for Spring 2021?  We can dig it!

If Shade casts a shadow on your garden, add interest with contrasting foliage color and textures to create a lush garden featuring hydrangea, Lenten rose, periwinkle or pachysandra.  Ornamental grasses like Purple Fountain Grass and Silvergrass with decorative flower pots can add interest to your mix.

Creating the garden.  Tending the garden.

Your well cultivated garden space is your home’s sanctuary and a place to harmonize with nature!  Sculpting a natural, sustainable and memorable garden landscape is a highlight skill of Martin Lawn & Landscaping.  Its our passion!  Upgrade your curb appeal.  Smile every time you come home.  Call us for a free estimate today at 301-565-0556.