Lawn Maintenance

Martin Lawn and Landscaping provides mowing, fertilization, aeration and grub control to the best properties in Washington D.C. and around Montgomery County, MD.  Additionally, we offer lawn renovation services that include over-seeding, hydro-seeding or sodding.  We are committed to making your property look its absolute best!  Fast-growing green grass season is on its way!  C’mmon Spring!


A typical weekly scheduled service includes mowing, edging, clean-up and blowing the walks, driveways and patios.  Services are billed monthly with pre-payment options on annual contract renewals.  Meticulous pruning shrubs and weeding the garden: every-other-week.

Fertilization & Weed Control

Fertilizing programs are tailored to your lawn’s needs.  We offer a Three-Times-A-Year program and always use Integrated Pest Management to control your weed and insect problems.  Proper notification is always posted after an application in your yard.  We adhere to all Washington, DC and Maryland rules, regulations and best practices.

Lawn Renovation

We use seed or sod that is appropriate to our Middle Atlantic climate: primarily deep-rooted fescue blends that can withstand our fickle rain-fall and stay green enough during periods of drought.  We offer Hydro-Seeding that eliminates the need for straw and is less costly than sod while providing a speedy germination.

Proper watering is the key to a successful lawn renovation.  Sod needs the long soakings to encourage the roots to reach into the soil while seed requires frequent light watering until germination.


Lawn aeration takes place once or twice a year with service in Spring or Fall.  Aeration redistributes topsoil and allows water and fertilizer to reach the roots of your DC or Montgomery County yard more efficiently.

Grub Control  

Grubs emerge at different times between May and October.  An insecticide will be safely and expertly applied to combat these populations.  We know when they arrive:  yours will not be the only yard these devils from down-under visit!